• Wattuba, 14km Bombo Road Wakiso District, Uganda.
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About IMAU

Our Background

The Islamic Medical Association of Uganda (IMAU) is a registered non-governmental organization established in 1988. The membership of the Association consists of Muslim health professionals who form the General Assembly, the association’s highest authority. The IMAU corporate capability statement can be accessed here.

Our Vision

A sound Islamic Medical Association of Muslim health professionals with excellence in Islamic health service delivery.

Our Mission

To have united Islamic conscious Muslim health professionals who use Islamic teachings to promote a healthy and productive life for all.

Our Motto

On Allah’s selfless health service

International Collaboration

IMAU is a member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations. IMAU has sent delegations to Malaysia, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria to train Muslim leaders in the Islamic approach to HIV/AIDS prevention and control. IMAU organised the first International Muslim Leaders Consultation on HIV AIDS in Kampala in 2001. Participants from over 20 countries participated in this consultation. IMAU has been on the International committee for organizing subsequent IMLCs. The second IMLC was conducted in Malaysia in 2003 and the third IMLC was conducted in Ethiopia in 2007. The 4th IMLC was conducted in Uganda in 2019. IMAU has trained participants from other countries such as Tanzania and Gambia on the Islamic Approach to HIV/AIDS.

Target Audience

All people of Uganda but with a comparative advantage with Islamic communities.

Geographical Coverage

IMAU has 20 branches that cover the whole of Uganda.