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The guidelines for selection and election of IMAU leaders are in the IMAU Constitution. They include the following articles:


(a) Elections for the National Executive Committee shall be done by the National General Assembly.

(b) The National General Assembly during its sitting immediately before elections shall elect the Returning Officer who will in turn co-opt four members in attendance at the National General Assembly to assist him in conducting the elections.

(c) Upon the election of the Returning Officer the National Executive Committee shall be deemed to have resigned their positions.

(d) The Returning Officer shall be the Chairman of the National General Assembly until Elections are completed and he shall then hand over to the newly elected President.

(e) The Returning Officer shall have power to entertain any complaints or disputes arising out of the elections and his decision thereon shall be final provided it is not challenged by more than one half of the ordinary members present.

(f) The Returning Officer and his four assistants shall have NO original vote.

(g) The winner shall be determined by a simple majority. In the case where the two top candidates have an equal number of votes, the voting shall be repeated and if the result is still the same the Returning Officer and his four assistants shall have the casting votes to determine the winner.

(h) Voting shall be by secret ballot and only ordinary members shall have original voting rights.

(i) Votes shall be counted in the presence of the National General Assembly.

(j) Vacant leadership positions in the IMAU leadership structure shall be announced in writing by email with attached nomination forms and/or other written public communication media, by the National Executive Committee at least 4 months before the expected date of selection or election by the responsible IMAU organ. IMAU members wishing to be selected or elected to IMAU leadership positions shall submit their nomination forms, curriculum vitae and copies of their certificates to the National Advisory Council at least 3 months before the date of selection or election, for verification and approval. Each nominee shall be responsible for submitting and collecting his nomination form from NAC as well seeking any advice regarding growth and development of his leadership skills in IMAU, from NAC or elsewhere whenever this is appropriate. Each nomination shall have to be seconded by another ordinary member who shall complete and sign the nomination form. Fresh nominations shall be considered for every post and all nominations for the five committee members shall be voted on at once. Each nominee shall present his completed nomination form and supporting documents by himself physically to the Returning Officer for final checking before the elections.

(k) After the Elections there shall be a handing over ceremony conducted by the Returning Officer at which the newly elected National Executive Committee shall take an oath binding them to the Constitution. The Returning Officer shall then hand over the Chairmanship of the National General Assembly to the newly elected President at the same sitting.

(l) In accordance with Islamic guidelines, there shall be no campaigning or bribing voters by those standing for offices on the National Executive Committee and other leadership positions. Leaders of the Association shall be selected and elected based on their past evidence of having IMAU at heart, demonstrated in their good intentions, words and deeds in line with Islamic guidance, observed and known to the members during their past normal interactions with these potential leaders.

(m) In accordance with Islamic guidance, the selection and election of leaders of the Association, shall take precautions to avoid selection and election of bad leaders who are hypocrites as described in the Holy Qur’an 63:4: “When you look at them, their exteriors please you; and when they speak, you listen to their words. They are as worthless as hollow pieces of timber propped up unable to stand on their own. They
think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded away from the Truth!”

(n) A member who is elected or selected to the National Executive Committee, National Advisory Committee, Board of Trustees, Disciplinary, Arbitration, Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution Committee and Executive Director, shall cease to be a member of the Branch Executive Committee and shall hand over his Branch responsibilities to the Branch Executive Committee.


(a) Branches of the Association shall be established and operate after the approval of the National Executive Committee. The branch shall start operating as a legal entity after submitting the required documents to the National Executive Committee and getting an approval letter and certificate of recognition from this organ.

(b) The required documents for Branch recognition shall be determined by the National Executive Committee.

(c) Organization of Branches:

i. The organization of the branches shall consist of the Branch General Assembly and the Branch Executive Committee.

(A) Branch General Assembly

1. The Branch General Assembly is the top decision-making body of the branch and shall consist of the ordinary members registered with the Branch who have the qualifications mentioned in the related articles of this Constitution.

2. The Branch General Assembly shall meet on the dates determined by the Branch Executive
Committee. Only those who have paid the annual membership fee shall have the right to attend and vote in the Branch General Assembly.

3. The procedures for the Annual, Special and Extra-ordinary General meetings of the Branch General Assembly, and election of the Branch Executive Committee, shall be the same as the procedures for meetings of the National General Assembly but localized to the branch level.

4. The responsibilities and powers of the Branch General Assembly shall be as follows:

a) The Branch General Assembly shall approve the branch operational plans which are made in line with the objectives and strategic plan of the Association.

b) It shall receive the reports of the Branch Executive Committee.

c) It shall send the working reports and financial reports of the branch to the National Executive Committee after each meeting.

d) It shall elect the Branch Executive Committee of seven people which shall consist of: Branch Chairman, Branch Secretary, Branch Treasurer and four committee members. These shall serve 2 year terms and shall be eligible for re-election.

Nomination Forms