• Wattuba, 14km Bombo Road Wakiso District, Uganda.
  • (256) 392-175132


The Islamic Medical Association of Uganda (IMAU) established Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital (SAIH) as one of its major projects in the service of Allah in the health sector.  The hospital is one of the visible signs of the implementation of IMAU’s motto:  On Allah’s Selfless Health Service.  The hospital therefore belongs to Allah with IMAU entrusted by Allah to run it in the best way as guided by Allah. Without Allah’s guidance and support there would be no IMAU.  IMAU leaders, members and partners have therefore an obligation to contribute to the growth, development and sustainability of SAIH in the service of Allah for the benefit of all stakeholders. The hospital belongs to Allah and the beneficiaries are Allah’s created human beings.

The idea of Islamic hospitals was initiated by the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA). IMAU is a member of FIMA. One of the FIMA projects is the Islamic Hospital Consortium (IHC) which coordinates all Islamic Hospitals internationally. SAIH is a member of the FIMA IHC.  One of the role models of an Islamic Hospital in FIMA is the Islamic Hospital in Amman Jordan.  The guiding pamphlet about Islamic hospitals from Jordan can be accessed here.  In this guide there is a main Islamic hospital and branch Islamic hospitals. IMAU plans to use this model in its strategic plan.  IMAU  established Saidina Abubakar Islamic hospital at Wattuba in Wakiso district as the main Islamic Hospital for promotion of health service delivery using Islamic principles.  In addition, IMAU plans to establish similar collaborative health facilities at all its branches.

SAIH Documentation

Donations to Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital

Relatives, friends and well-wishers sometimes wish to make a donation to SAIH. Donations can be made by cheque payable to Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital. Donations can also be made directly to the Hospital bank account with the following details:

Account name: Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital;

Bank: Stanbic

Account number: 9030005899698.

Donations can also be made using airtel money pay and dial *185*9# to get started and then enter the merchant ID code number 1141513.  The Airtel Money details are:

Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital Airtel Money Merchant ID: 1141513

Donations in cash can be made in person to the cashier. Please ensure that you get a receipt and a letter to acknowledge the donation. If you wish your donation to go to a particular department or service within the hospital or to be used for a specific purpose such as purchase of an item of equipment, please include details. Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital is extremely grateful for all donations which are used in a number of ways to provide additional comforts and facilities for patients.

Management Board

The current members of Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital Management Board  are:

  1. Imam I. Iddih Kasozi
  2. Dr. Hanifa Naamala Ssengendo
  3. Prof. Magid Kagimu
  4. Dr. Yusuf Walakira
  5. Prof. Umar Kakumba
  6. Mr. Yasin Mukiibi
  7. Hajat Hadija Nakimwero
  8. Haji Muzaphalu Lwere
  9. Prof. Ismail Gyagenda
  10. Dr. Hakim Sendagire
  11. Mr. Sharif Mujjuzi
  12. Dr. Kakeeto Anwar
  13. Sheikh Lubowa Ali Ali
  14. Sr. Farida Nanziri
  15. District Health Officer

Services Offered

General Outpatient

Treatment that does not require a patient to stay overnight at a hospital or other care facility they come and leave on the same day.

General Inpatient

Inpatient service is any service you have once you've been formally admitted to a hospital. As either a day or overnight patient.

Specialist Service

Specialist services support people with a range of rare and complex conditions. They involve treatments provided to patients with these conditions

Maternity Services

Maternity care refers to the health services provided to women, babies, and families throughout the whole pregnancy, during labor and birth.

Surgical Services

Any service in a hospital or medical centre that is procedure- or intervention-based, or supports surgical specialties

Laboratory Services

Clinical laboratory services are tests provided by a medical lab that aid in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Dental Services

Dentistry, the professional care of teeth, including professional oral hygiene and dental surgery.

Free Antiretroviral Drugs

Antiretroviral drugs are medications for the treatment of infection by retroviruses, primarily HIV

Free Antenatal Care Services

The routine health control of presumed healthy pregnant women without symptoms in order to diagnose diseases without symptoms

Free anti TB Drugs

Anti tuberculosis drugs are medicines used to treat tuberculosis, an infectious disease that can affect the lungs and other organs.

X-ray and Ultrasonography Services

Using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

Endoscopy Services

A procedure in which an instrument is introduced into the body to give a view of its internal parts.