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Guidelines on IMAU Membership

IMAU Constitutional Requirements

These are indicated in article 4 as follows:


  • Ordinary Membership

Any Muslim with a medical qualification registered by a Health Professional Council, after reading and appreciating this constitution shall become an ordinary IMAU member upon filling in a special form which will bind him to the objectives and obligations of the Association and upon payment of an annual membership fee to be determined from time to time by the National Executive Committee.

  • Associate Membership

Any Muslim in his or her first medical training, evidenced by an admission letter and an identity card from a recognized medical training institution, after reading and appreciating this constitution, shall become an associate member, upon filling in a special form which will bind him to the objectives and obligations of the Association and upon payment of an annual membership fee to be determined from time to time by the National Executive Committee.

  • Honorary Membership

Any Muslim willing to work for the achievement of the objectives of the Association may be recommended by a member for Honorary Membership and approved by the National Executive Committee after which a special form will be filled in by the person concerned which will bind him to the objectives and obligations of the Association.

Duties and Responsibilities of all categories of the IMAU Members

The duties and responsibilities of IMAU members shall be as follows:

  • Members shall be exemplary, serving as role models, in the provision of the highest possible quality Selfless Health Services for Allah and our country, by giving in their knowledge, wisdom, time, money, and energy, in accordance with Islamic principles as illustrated in the Holy Qur’an: Surah 3, Imran: 110:

You are the best of people evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah.

  • Members shall pay membership fees to the Branch Executive Committees of their affiliated branches.
  • In line with the values of IMAU, members shall contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Association by participating in affiliated branch activities and national activities.
  • Members shall participate in all kinds of promotion and donation activities and other campaigns in accordance with the objectives of IMAU and in compliance with IMAU’s principles.
  • Members shall attend meetings and activities of their branches and fulfill duties delegated to them.
  • Members shall fulfill delegated tasks regarding activities that are ongoing in the Association and complete hand-over and take over processes properly during any resignation.
  • With respect to activities in IMAU’s area of responsibility, members shall inform the authorized organs of IMAU about their opinions on local Members shall work in solidarity with local people.
  • Members shall mobilize beloved and trusted people’s support for the Association.
  • Members shall contribute and participate in fundraising to increase the income of IMAU
  • Members shall join the education and training activities arranged by IMAU when invited. They shall be prudent and careful in maintaining the dignity and vitality of IMAU. Being loyal to IMAU, they shall avoid attitudes and behaviors and written and oral statements which are incompatible with the good name and image of IMAU.
  • Members shall pay membership fees in the year that the membership fee is due.

Benefits of all categories of IMAU Members

The IMAU Member shall have the following benefits:

  • Receive rewards and blessings of Allah for contributing to the growth, development and sustainability of an Islamic Health Service organization, In sha`Allah.
  • Receive electronic IMAU Newsletter and other educative publications whenever available.
  • Receive an IMAU membership card renewable periodically as determined by the National Executive Committee and increase enjoyment of the benefits of friendship, sharing, mutual support and reflection on the meaning and purpose of health professional working and serving life as guided by Allah, using Allah’s given Islamic brotherhood among Muslim health professionals.
  • Be a candidate for selection or election to the National IMAU governing bodies in accordance with the constitution.
  • Vote in elections of the Association and exercise the right to vote in accordance with the IMAU constitution.
  • Be a candidate during elections of Branch leadership in accordance with the IMAU constitution.
  • Receive invitations to attend Continuing Professional Development activities, meetings, seminars, symposia and other activities of the Association and affiliated partners as a member and receive Continuing Education Units required for annual practicing licenses by the Health Professional Councils.
  • Request for information about the Association from authorized and responsible leaders of IMAU.

Application for Membership and Registration

  1. A person, who would like to be a member, shall apply directly to the Branch Executive Committee on the basis of his place of residence or place of work by completing and signing the application form in triplicate. This may be done online on the IMAU website and the documents submitted or delivered electronically.
  2. Membership application documents must be fully completed and the commitment declaration signed. The applicant is required to deliver completed documents. If not delivered, the application is deemed invalid.
  3. The information on the membership application form shall be registered in the membership application book or computer based data storage system.
  4. The Branch Executive Committee shall examine the applicants in the application book or data storage system and inform applicants about the result within 6 months.
  5. The application has to be approved by the National Executive Committee.

Place for Membership

It is not allowed for one to be a member in more than one branch. Members are free to exercise their rights to elect and be elected in the Branch General Assembly only in their Affiliated Branch. They may also be elected or selected as representatives of their affiliated branch to the National General Assembly.

Identity Card

The IMAU identity card shall be issued by the National Executive Committee of IMAU. The Branches Executive Committees shall hand over hard copies or forward electronic copies of membership forms to the National Executive Committee who will issue the identity cards to the branch members. It is mandatory for members to show the IMAU identity card when requested, in order for them to be able to participate in activities organized by IMAU.

Resignation from Membership

The records of members who present their resignation from IMAU in the prescribed form shall be notified to the National Executive Committee by their Affiliated Branch.

Cancellation and Termination of Membership

This will occur in the event of following considerations related to the member:

  • Presenting wrong information on the application document.
  • Not having acceptable qualifications as indicated in the Constitution, which may not have been foreseen during registration for membership.
  • Violating the written commitment which was signed during the membership process.
  • Acting against the Constitution.
  • Harming the dignity and good image of IMAU.
  • Acting contrary to fundamental principles, objectives and ethical codes of IMAU.
  • Burdening IMAU with responsibility and debt without getting any authority from authorized organs of IMAU.
  • With-holding payment of annual subscription fee for one year in-spite of a written notification.
  • The membership shall be terminated in the event of death and permanent loss of mental capacity.
  • Those who resign or whose membership is terminated from the Association shall not claim any benefits from the Association

 Requirements for applicants for ordinary membership

i).  Completed membership application form

ii). Copy of certificate of Registration with Professional Council

iii). Most current Annual practicing License

iv). Most recent passport photo

 Requirements for applicants for Associate membership

i). Completed membership application form

ii). Copy of Admission letter

iii). Copy of School Identity card

iv). Two Passport photos

Associate member applications are for students doing their first medical related course (i.e. those who have joined health professions training direct from S.4 or S.6).

Modes for Applying and Updating Membership

Online application and updating membership.

The applicant can apply online by logging into the IMAU Website,  clicking on Membership and selecting the membership category. The applicant should select the parent branch from the Branch list. Only one parent branch should be chosen.  This could be where the applicant works or  resides.  For IMAU operational reasons, female applicants  whose applications are approved, will be automatically enrolled as members of the IMAU Women’s Branch. They should therefore select IMAU Women’s Branch as the IMAU Operational branch.  For similar reasons, the students whose applications are approved will be automatically enrolled as members of the IMAU Student’s branch. They should therefore select IMAU Students’  Branch as the operational branch. Female students should select both IMAU Students’ Branch and IMAU Women’s Branch as their operational branches.



1).  Apac/Lira

2). Arua

3). Hoima

4). Jinja

5). Kampala

6). Kapchorwa

7). Mbale

8). Mbarara

9). Mpigi

10). Mubende

11). Mukono

12). Pallisa

13). Iganga

14). Southern Region

15). Tooro


17). Wakiso

18). Yumbe


19). IMAU Women’s Branch

20). IMAU Students’ Branch

Application or updating membership through email services.

The applicant needs to have a copy of the application form which can be downloaded from the website. Fill it in and attach all the requirements indicated above. Scan the application and all attachments and email them to the  Secretary General IMAU.

Hard copy deliveries.

The person applying or updating, should fill in the application form together with all the mentioned requirements. He or she should  deliver the application and other attachments to the IMAU Branch Secretary.

For more enquiries, contact:

Mr. Kassim Magoba

Secretary General IMAU

Mobile:  +256-782-379410

Email: islamicmedassocuganda@gmail.com