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IMAU Announcement for Vacant Leadership Positions

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Assalaam alaikum,

According to the amended constitution of the Islamic Medical Association of Uganda (IMAU) 2017, vacant positions in the IMAU leadership structure have to be announced by the National Executive Committee at least 4 months before the election or selection date by the responsible IMAU organ. This is indicated in Article 15 (j) below.

Article 15(j). 

Vacant leadership positions in the IMAU leadership structure shall be announced in writing by email with attached nomination forms and/or other written public communication media, by the National Executive Committee at least 4 months before the expected date of selection or election by the responsible IMAU organ.  IMAU members wishing to be selected or elected to IMAU leadership positions shall submit their nomination forms, curriculum vitae and copies of their certificates to the National Advisory Council at least 3 months before the date of selection or election, for verification and approval. Each nominee shall be responsible for submitting and collecting his nomination form from NAC as well seeking any advice regarding growth and development of his leadership skills in IMAU, from NAC or elsewhere whenever this is appropriate. Each nomination shall have to be seconded by another ordinary member who shall complete and sign the nomination form.  Fresh nominations shall be considered for every post and all nominations for the five committee members shall be voted on at once.  Each nominee shall present his completed nomination form and supporting documents by himself physically to the Returning Officer for final checking before the elections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

We are therefore announcing that all leadership positions on the National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) will soon fall vacant when the National General  Assembly and the Branch General Assemblies convene their next Annual General Meetings (AGM) which are expected to take place after 12thAugust 2019, Inshaa`Allah.

We request the IMAU members wishing to be elected to these leadership positions to follow the IMAU constitution especially Article 15(j) and submit their nomination forms to the National Advisory Council accordingly. The National Advisory Council (NAC) office is located at the headquarters of IMAU at Wattuba, 14 Km on Bombo Road together with Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital.  The nomination form can be downloaded here.   It should be completed with the relevant attachments  and returned to the Chairman National Advisory Council by email with the attachments, or to the office physically.  The NAC office email is islamicmedassocuganda@gmail.com. The nomination form can also be completed and submitted online here.  Nominees should access the criteria for verification and approval of nominees by NAC here.  They should ensure that their CVs and other attachments on their nomination form comply with the criteria.

Mr. Kassim Magoba

Secretary General

Islamic Medical Association of Uganda.